How to Choose Best Engineering Colleges in Anna University Counselling 2014

How to Choose Best Engineering Colleges in Anna University Counselling 2014

Every year lots of students have confusion regarding how to choose best engineering colleges in counselling. Every students know that the top colleges are always best one. Some what all of the student can't get that top colleges. Selecting best college is fully depends upon the course you selected. Because all the colleges are special in any of the courses they have. So choose best engineering colleges regarding course. Here you will get full guide to choose best engg college. If the college is best it must have best infrastructure, faculty, facilities, placement, extra curricular activities.
How to Choose Best Engineering Colleges

Thing you need to know to choose best engineering colleges in Tamilnadu

  • Infrastructure
  • Faculty
  • Facilities
  • Placement
  • Extra curricular Acitivities
  • Age of the college
Infrastructure :
A college should have complete best infrastructure.  That means labs for all the courses should have all latest equipment or it must be useful to gain a practical knowledge. Then library must have all the course books written by best authors or must have books which is used most by past year students and researchers. College should be avail in place where students can study without any interruption. This is very important to choose best engineering colleges in Tamil Nadu.
Faculty :
For all the departments in the college must have good knowledgeable professors. They should be good guide to students for their 4 year engineering. The college should have minimum amount of staff members on it under the TN government rule. The staff should have minimum teaching experience to teach students.
Facilities :
Facility is important for the students. In a college there must be a canteen, mess, hostel, transport, sports, clubs facilities available with better quality. Because these very important for the students who are going to spend four years in that college.
Placement :
College should have minimum better placement history till previous year. This will show all the qualities of the colleges. Students can get a job little easily only on campus placement. If placement is good in the college students can join without any doubt, because after four year surely students will get a job by placement.
Extra Curricular Activities :
College should motivate the students talents in extra curricular activities like sports, dance, quiz, mime, mimic, skit, paper presentation, seminars, conference, symposium etc. Some of the best colleges not show interest in the above activities. But some of the top colleges are top in all above activities and also top in studies. Students have plenty of various talents on them, so choose the best engineering college where you can shine your talent in all the field.
Age of college :
It is indirect method to know whether the college is best or not. Because the college which started earlier on 90's 2K may have all the above facilities. The colleges newly opened may not have some above facilities. But any how some of the old colleges which was had best name are not having some of the above facilities. But newly opened colleges will improve their facilities by students performance. So that age of the college is just logical thinking to choose top engineering colleges in Tamil Nadu.
However while selecting best engineering college must see the above included parameters. And check how much fees their asking to pay for 4 years course. Calculate whether the fees your are going to pay to the colleges is worth or not. Choose the best engineering colleges by discussion with all of your friends, family, relative, known persons etc. Because 4 years you have to spend and gain knowledge about engineering.


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